Theme Time Story Theatre

Every week for a year Nick and I would toss out a word. We’d alternate. Pick a word, any word. We’d each write a short story around that word. After 52 weeks Nick realized I was sending out theme words without writing any stories. 

Stories with seed words like ‘Endurance’, ‘Money,’ ‘Iggy Azalea’, ‘Extraction,’ and so many more went in all kinds of wild directions. The stories gave us an idea pit to mine for future projects.

In Theme Time Story Theatre Nick tells shortened versions of his weekly short stories. 


Based on the format of the long-running British doc series 7UP, I get right up in my family members’ business on any birthday year that is a multiple of seven. My own 7Up doc started when I was 28 and will continue forever, documenting my life during the years I turn 35, 42, 49, and on and on and on. It’s very fun for me and very annoying for everyone else.

A lyrics video I made for Rory Lavelle.


A series of docs made with homeless people living in downtown Toronto. The series follows as they search for housing, try new programs and services, and move forward with their lives.

To Our Own Completed Lives

Amidst the backdrop of a controversial High Court case that brought assisted suicide to the media forefront in England, To Our Own Completed Lives follows three friends united in their support for changing the current law- a retired physician, his supportive but cautious partner, and a healthy elderly friend who insists that she is ready to die.

But Live It Slant

But Live It Slant is a series of micro-docs about connecting with the life cycle in the midst of urban life in London, U.K. I made them with my friend Charlotte Heikendorf while we were studying together at Goldsmiths.