Based on the format of the long-running British doc series 7UP, I get right up in my family members’ business on any birthday year that is a multiple of seven. I interview them about where they are at in love and work and everything else. I follow them around a bit to see what they are up to. It’s all very loosely structured. It’s a small slice of their life over a few days, nothing more. The videos get edited into one doc for each person so they can see themselves and their lives changing over time. It’s a long-term personal project that I love.

My own 7Up doc started when I was 28 and will continue forever, documenting my life during the years I turn 35, 42, 49, and on and on and on. I absolutely love it. Already so much has changed in my life, my attitude, my aspirations.
I can’t wait to juxtapose that with future footage.